How to study during Ramadan?

Have you prepared a suitable plan to help you with “How to study during Ramadan?”, whether the answer is yes or no, here you will know all that you need in “How to study during Ramadan”. First, we have to know more about Ramadan, which is Ramadan? This great month is the ninth month of the Arab months when Allah imposed fasting on all Muslims around the world. In this great month, all capable and adult Muslims must fast these thirty or twenty-nine days to get Allah’s satisfaction and reward. And fasting means to go without food and water from Dawn till sunset. This period (from Dawn to sunset) is not a short time but it needs durability and patience especially for students who have exams. There are some tips that can help you with how to study

during Ramadan:

● Healthy food:

There are two meals in Ramadan (you can eat between them if you want), these two meals are Iftar (the meal after Maghrib), and Suhoor (before Dawn). Eating healthy food at these meals _or other than them_ will help you to study and revise well. On the other hand, eating stodgy food consumes your energy, and makes you feel tired.

● Make some adjustments on your routine:

This means changing your daily routine before Ramadan and after it will help you in how to study during Ramadan. For example, if you study at night before Ramadan, it is better to change your routine and study during the day as it is the longest time you may have. Also, it is important to say that “the more empty your stomach, the more you will concentrate.” This is just an opinion but you can choose what you need.

● Take breaks:

Taking frequent breaks helps you to take your mind off. It is also better to take your break away from your book
● Revise your lessons in a group:
For the best result, you have to revise your lessons with other friends in groups or chat with each other regularly. This will help you to revise well, discuss the differences,
encourage and support each other.
● Stay active: To stay active you have to get up and walk around every now and then. You will feel much better if you do so, and you will be refreshed that will help you to focus on your studies. During the time of walking around, you may splash your face with cool water to be refreshed for more work and more revision.
● Keep on your prayers:
It is the most important advice that will make you fire in studying and revising your lessons. This advice is praying all of your prayers at their specified times, and also reciting the Quran regularly. Praying and reciting the Quran will make Barakah in your time. Those are some but not all items that may help you in your study. The golden advice here is to recite Dua for Allah and ask for his supplication.

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