Which kind of Muslim Are you? Khutbah by Shaykh Abdullah Oduro

  How many loud we praise Allah we seek his aid and we seek his forgiveness we seek the refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our deeds whomsoever Allah guides none can misguide and whomsoever Allah allows to be led astray none can guide and I bear witness that there’s no one worthy of worship except Allah who – Allah the exalted and that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is his last messenger and slave. You who believe fear allah and die not except in a state of islam in a state of submission or humanity fear your lord who created you from a single soul and from that created its mate and from that scatters many men and women o humanity.fear your Lord and do not cut off relations with your kin indeed Allah is Allah Alraqeb he is the ultimate monitor over you o humanity through your Lord and speak the truth golan said dida in return your malecon he will rectify for you your affairs welcome the new baku and he will forgive you of your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement as to what follows indeed the best speech is the Book of Allah and the best guidance is that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and if the worst affairs in our doctrinal system of Islam are the newly invented ones for every newly invented affair in our situation is an innovation and for every innovation is a form of going astray from the Sulaco most Athene from the straight path and every form of going astray is in the fire of hell and we seek refuge in allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala from that i have an ancient love story for you all that took place all of us may know of this love story and some of us may not but it was definitely a love story and this love story is so appropriate for us now until the end of time a long time ago rather during the time of the prophet hood sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him in the early stages of the advent of Islam before he drew the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was preaching the message and there were few that accepted the message but the fuel that accepted recognized that there would be trials and tribulations that would take place from them was a woman that embraced Islam with her husband with her husband and both were their families were in Mecca well-known tribes they faced trials and tribulations at the beginning of the message of Islam and upon these trials and tribulations they were ordered to make Hydra to migrate to Abyssinia monitor Ethiopia and when they went there they left and they were with a Christian king a non-muslim that harbored them and took care of them and looked after their safety even to the degree that some of the mushrikeen the polytheists of Mecca went there and tried to retrieve them to continue this process of oppression upon people that just wanted Allah and His Messenger and that’s it nothing tangible the two didn’t succeed so they stayed there the two that wanted to bring them back from the polytheists did not succeed so they stayed there in Mecca in Abyssinia but they heard that two great individuals embraced Islam in Mecca one by the name of Herman acaba broadly the Llewyn and Hamza Rabia Lahore on but they embraced Islam and that everything was all good everything was getting better and more hasanat that everything was getting better with the situation of the Muslims lo and behold when they got there the two individuals that made them migrate Abyssinia they came back and recognized that the situation was getting worse so for this woman we want to talk about three trials for this great woman hind’ better known as um Salama radiallahu anhum she faced three great trials the first of them was after embracing Islam and coming back from Abyssinia with her husband Abu Salah MA and seeing that the trials were getting worse they were being persecuted made fun of called names sounds familiar this was what was going on during the early prophethood time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sudden them to where they were ordered to make Hitler to add in Medina so the first test is the trials that she faced with her family and her peoples in Mecca her own blood her own relatives her own people in Mecca facing these trials because she was Muslim and that was it when they wanted to make Hitler to al-madinah they set out on their way turn up Arron her husband her husband abu sedima upon this voyage they heard the family of umm Salama the family of own sedima heard that they were going to migrate to and Medina and they were not pleased with this they were not pleased with this so they came and they tried to stop em sent him out of the allahu on hunt and they succeeded in stopping her and they said you you can leave but it’s for your child you’ve taken your child here and there keep the child with us he is our child sedima ruddy aloha a young boy so they took the child but upon this the family of abu saleh mccain and they heard and there started to be friction so much so that it was narrated that Abu son amar narrated herself that when they were trying to pull the arm of Abu Solomon it dislocated young boy radi allahu i’m dislocated they wanted to take the child and they succeeded and the family of Abu family umm Salama took on cinema so she was with her family Abu Salam a fled to al-madinah so there’s own cinema in ailment in Mecca with her family with her parents Salameh with the grandparents of own cinema and Abu cinema fled to al-madinah family is split apart this is the second trial the spinning a part of her family yearning for her husband yearning for her child it was narrated that she would go to the hilltop the actual setting of this oppression that took place of the tribal oppression between been adolescent and Benham assume the tribes of the family members of umm Salama and Abu cinema that this took place she would go there on a daily basis that was narrated for almost a year crying reminiscing thinking about this event crying until her cousin saw her asked her what was wrong she narrated to him he went to the family and rebuked them for what they did and after the mercy of allah subhanahu wata’ala after the mercy of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala after the Nussle of allah subhana wa ta’ala is helping his assistants the family members granted him sanam or her child and allowed her to go and be with her husband but brothers and sisters let’s stop for a minute it was very easy for her to go back to her family this is too difficult for me this Islam I love it I feel it but I don’t think it’s supposed to be difficult hasha Lokhande definitely not rather the difficulties bring ease the difficulties are a test for you when you are in your orientation in your job they’re going to put you through difficulties to see if you can handle it a lawsuit Panna who want to either put these difficulties there for umm Salama but rather he put these difficulties there for you and me to read to hear to listen to benefit to ask Allah forth about to make a sperm as a prophet sallallaahu i they was seldom and he was the prophet salallahu alaihe wa sun them he would say in his prostration in the lowest position asking the most high yarmulke liberal group the bits i’ll be–i’ll Edenic he would say oh the one that makes the hearts firm make my heart firm on your religion why firm why was this so important to say Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says in the Quran after all a min ash-shaitani rajeem women and nasi minyak but ilaha ila harf after lamina Shaitaan the regime were mean and nasty may Yahoo de la her other half for in asada who hire Roma and Nabi were in US orbits who fits not – nincada Borrelia what she hosted a dunya well our hero – that akin who will host Varna will be condemned allah subhanho wa taala what does he say he said and from mankind from mankind not all of them but from them and i name is well aware the all-knowing is well aware what is he say for mankind there will be people that worship Allah on a verge and then he gives an example I’ll have explaining it what is the heart in a Sabu who I don’t know – my enemy if good was to befall him I’m all good it ‘s good how is everything hamdu lillah I have my job I have my children everyone’s healthy hungry la reine asaba – fitna but if fitna a trial or tribulation was to befall him in cholera I’ll watch it and linguistically in color it means to flip ila watching on his face saying that he would just give up he or she would give up we see what is going on now and we perceive we perceive we perceive that things are going to be so evil for us as Muslims this is where it’s so important for you to connect with allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala with your perception for you to connect with allah so you don’t do as a law says in color by Allah watching how does a lawsuit I know what I ought to describe these people Hazira dunya well a lira they lost in this life and in the next life then he describes that loss that Iike who are hoster anima beam that is a clear loss I’m facing too much pressure ask yourself this question are you practicing are you trying Islam when it is convenient or are you trying are you practicing Islam because you know it is the only means of salvation I hope only hatha was stuff Lally welcome we decided muslimeen for stuff you know who in Willow for right I’m hungry like I said it was Shakur trophy hunting Ernie so we see the two tests of whom said about all the allahu anhum their first one being when she came back from ever sitting and recognized that it was not as they thought it would be that things would be better the situation of islam would be better rather it got worse sometimes we may think that the situation of Islam in America may be better but something else happens something unexpected may happen from what almost the whole world anticipated opposite or the majority of the world this is very important to understand that detaching yourself from this life at least five times a day is what is commanded from Allah because I could just say praying but when we say the word a Salah praying is a form of detaching yourself from the dunya you are in a conversation with allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala this is why it is impermissible to speak during the salon if you speak – no solo solo – cabal Fela your prayer you need to repeat your prayer if it is worldly speech you need to repeat your prayer speech with other than allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala or the speech of allah subhanho wa taala is what is recommended applies is obligatory upon you at least five times a day what does that do if someone is sincere and thinking about the actions of Allah upon them in their life at least five times a day what would that do to the individual that detachment if one has that throughout the day what would that make you you would definitely by the permission of Allah not be someone that worships Allah Allah that is just on the verge I worship him when it’s convenient you recognize it if I wasn’t praying I know I would be a misguided person I know that I would do misguided things I know that I would take on characteristics of those who are misguided meaning people that take on their desires rather than loving what the prophet sallallaahu Hani was son has bought desiring what the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has brought this is important looking at the third test of boom Sunna merrily aloha seeing that she is on her way to medina she has a child with her she travels south Medina and when we say traveling now it’s not traveling of 2016 it’s by foot or with a donkey or with the camel so she’s with her young son injured son rode the allahu anhu MA and she reaches a place called to name she runs into a non-muslim who was later a member of the family of the people that were appointed to have the keys to the Kaaba with Madhumita ha she runs into him and he asked what her asked what her affair is he she she’s that she’s travelling and he says we you will not go to medina except without me non-muslim helping her all the way to medina which by the way was a 12 day travel he traveled 12 days with her and the description of his mannerisms with her subhanAllah when she would come down from the camel he would walk away and then when she would come back up he would come in there with a would proceed when she reached that in Medina when hum didn’t last she reached he was with her husband and with her child her children in her family she’s with their husband but then her husband fights in the Battle of art and the Battle of Badr and he had an internal injury that lasted for about a month to where allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala decided from his other to take his life abou cinema raleigh aloha and she was so sad rly Ohana when she approached him she came to him and I boosted Emma was injured she came to him and she said a beautiful thing romantic thing to be honest she said I heard that a woman that is married to a man that doesn’t get married or a woman that does not get married in the dunya that was married to a man that dies and is an inhabitant of Jinnah if she does not get married they will be husband and wife and Jenna they will be husband and wife and Jenna so he said okay I won’t worry i order you not to get married with you will you obey me she said would I have not consulted you other than that reason upon that she basically said she’s not going to get married after Abu Center but Abu Salim out of the LOI knew roughly allahu anhu may allah be pleased with him this is why may allah be pleased with him after fighting the Battle of Butler and the brother her look at his his how he how he speaks to her after he says that he said o Allah bless her to be married to a man that is righteous and better than me that does not make her sad nor oppressor radi allahu anhu ma so she remembered she remembered one day that abu Salama entered in the house he said one day he came in and he said I was just just with the messenger of allah sallallahu and it was on him and he said something that made me so happy he said that a Muslim is not afflicted with something except that he does is still Jack that he says in a Leela he were in that you lay here on your own Allah Allah Jordan e female C Bhatia often enlightenment Oh Gibbon heightened manhunt pretty white sand all around another narration he said that I was with the message of allah salallahu alaihe wasalam and he entered happy into the house happily and he said the messenger just told me something instead a Muslim is not afflicted with an affliction except that he says in LA he were in LA verily we are for Allah and to Allah we were returned oh allah reward me for my trial and compensate with for me something that is better than that she remembered the dua that her husband taught her from the message of allah sallallahu and it was seldom husbands fathers to your daughters into your wives are we telling our children about the hadith that bring comfort and bring ease and bring the strength of our ikeda of our connection with allah or not because she remembered this at the time that it needs to be remembered so she said it in nan allahi wa al akhirin allahumma journey fimA see booty with me heighten min ha a Jew diffusivity will lift me higher on min ha she said this do I only listen closely after this third trial some of us may have thought a life was over my husband died my loved one only to be an individual a woman that said to herself man clad woman I be cinema who’s better than I be cinema no one she loved him so much she did not want to marry after him he enough see her the hope the love that she had for him she didn’t want to marry after him Abu Bakr al the allahu anhu came and proposed to her she had young kids someone mentioned that it was for kids came and proposed to her and she was an elderly woman but she was very beautiful that was mentioned very beautiful woman masha’Allah radi allahu anhum our boubakr came in proposed she refused she refused the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sun came and proposed and she refused in the beginning but she mentioned three things about herself and the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam responded with all profit column subhanAllah which we don’t have enough time to go into but if you have the opportunity look at the life of Solomon and how she got married to the proph et sallallaahu and it was some of the three things that he told her she ended up marrying the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and she had no problems with the other wives of the messenger of allah salallahu alayhi wa salam this was the trial of umm Salama but Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala assisted her allah subhanahu wa ta’ala answered the dua of whom Salama loudly allahu and do we notice that after the trials allah subhanho wa taala answered her door ah when you are in a trial do you make dua to allah subhanhu want to add a question to ask yourself do you turn to Allah immediately do you detach yourself from the tangible problems to see if the one that is in control and that created the tangible problems the things that we can see in touch and feel the one that created it do we immediately turn to him this is a question we should ask ourselves this is the question we should ask our children we should ask our children and not say they’re too small to understand how do you prepare them this is what we should ask so firstly recognizing brothers and sisters that the trials and the tribulations will continue don’t worry there will always be in Abu Lahab of our generation there will always be an Abu Talib there will always be present so what is our responsibility the next question is what is our responsibility not looking at your rights but looking at your responsibilities because if you think about it every responsibility is a right for someone else think about that every responsibility that you have fulfills the right of someone else it’s a right that someone deserves if you fulfill that responsibility you are giving them their right this is very important we see this with one of the greatest individuals were all the allahu anhu of service and that’s what we want to mention here after realizing the trials and tribulations how does one deal with that they serve Allah by serving the people people not only Muslims Muslims and non-muslims Muslims and people that don’t know about Islam Muslims and people that may know about Islam and hey Islam we serve them we serve them we see that with omar bin al-khattab radiyaallahu anhu and brothers and sisters in this era we should take the opportunity to read about the life of our Lord when he was a kid when he was the Caliph of Islam after the death of the Prophet sallallaahu and he was something even in many issues and filth and Islamic jurisprudence it goes back to the days of Rama radhe allahu anhu because he had to make tough decisions one of the characteristics of amar is that he would go out at night this is the Halyburton muslimeen feel awed this is the Calot of the muslims of the whole world he would go out at night and look at the affairs of every individual to his capacity there was one night he was with one of his servants us to them by the name of Aslam he goes and it’s a dark it’s a dark cold night he sees a blazing fire he goes up to the fire and he sees that it’s a woman with her children listen closely it’s a woman with her children crying he goes up and he says Salam wanna either though when I call Allen arm he says assalamu alaykum to the people of the light he said the people of the fire he’s a salam ala ala dog at the nuit said can I can I sit down can I commit sit down thank you she said if you want evil then go but if you want good no problem so he sits down he sees a pot of water that is boiling he has what’s in this pot she said I’m boiling water and it had stones inside of the pot the reason I’m boiling the water is so the kids will stop crying to where they will think I am cooking and they will go to sleep and then she said well Albania obey nurimaru hot dog even a hot dog she didn’t know that that was their mother she didn’t know that that was her little hot dog brother Yohan so she was mad she said as a laws between me him she was very upset with him so he said how do you know that Emma doesn’t that amar knows your situation she said how can he listen how could he lead the people and not know my situation how could he take that responsibility and not know what we’re suffering so when he heard that he rushed and in Arabic it says your heart will you hard will it’s like to to write to walk briskly almost running like what you doing tow off between the when when you run around the Kaaba circumambulate around the Kaaba so he rushed back to the pantry and some mentioned to get some flour and some some animal fat and he asked us them to put the bag on his back husband said no I’ll take it he said no I made him what meaning I’ll take it he said attack me the wizard a yeoman qiyamah why Huck why Huck attack me no was the ailment qiyamah look at the statement of remark of a leader influence leadership is influence he says way Huck shame on you or he says leave me are you going to carry my sins on the day of judgment just again detaching reminding you about the day of judgment reminding you about detaching yourself what really matters with this tangible the intangible is what matters so he carries us on his back and this shows you that Omar couldn’t pick it up himself he goes back to the woman another sign of humility he gets down in the fire and cooks it himself and Aslam describes it that the fire yuh-huh little Minetti that the fire was going through his beard early allahu anhu ma the fire was going through his beard so he cooked they ate the kids played and laughed and wrestled until they went to sleep so us them wanted to talk to him he asked him a question or my didn’t respond when the kids went to sleep arm I said I wanted to wait and see that the kids were happy and went to sleep amirul mumineen is sitting with a woman that is destitute he’s sitting there and he’s cooking for her and her children and he waits they go to sleep what kind of influences that have what kind of service would that’s it is that he’s with the lesser people he’s dealing with them he’s cooking for them soup kitchens can be done nowadays we see in the 1960s if many are familiar with the Black Panthers they started to breath the free breakfast movement look it up free breakfast system in the 60s the time of turmoil civil rights racism the Black Panthers african-american individuals that took a stand and they wanted to serve the people that were underserved not only African Americans Latinos Caucasians people that were underserved because it was poverty and hunger they took it upon themselves into the free breakfast program and they fed individuals to where we see the free lunch program has intertwined with that and it is something that has been inculcated in schools in the late 70s because people had concern about humanity and they gave back and this is what I’m rebel have Bob did and we see that nowadays with people that may have a certain type of profile they may criminalize a certain name to wear Muslim is synonymous with terrorist they’ll criminalize a certain name you as a Muslim do not allow that by your actions joining P TOS of your children if your child has a basketball game go to their game go to someone at your in your master go to their their events get involved in the end in him and helping for Humanity in building homes get involved with feeding the poor by yourself make 150 sandwiches and go and distribute them amongst the people and the only PR that we should be concerned about is yes let me take my wife because I will see a job and we come once a week or every week and they see that while those people those Muslims the guy with the beard in Worcester the lady with the thing on their head I don’t know what they are but they’re feeding us what kind of effect will that leave deal with the people that need you that people that need someone and that is exactly how we serve and how we deal with our trial trials and tribulations rub better adds an effect on you hasana feel al Qaeda Costner looking at that but not Robin and Suzy Kolber Nevada in today tonight Kurama anecca until i have a llama so the slammer went missing in a llama say llama will mostly mean a llama say llama will mostly mean allah almighty now I’m sorry I worked in a Abaddon matter hater now what I felt on an element volumen at once or now I’m an 11 identity jelly doing an acrobatic a minute well Emma below and Mina yeah you had me known in the llaha ya’muru bil ugly with exciting work et adel called back well young her and in fact sure it was moon carry well buddy your head Okuma i look into the current father could hire quarter come remember a line he’ll remember you watch guru i’ll enemy he is it the come and be thankful he will increase you well as they call la he akbar and the remembrance of allah is the greatest thing allahu ala mu max us in their own he is well aware would you do akima sauna. 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