Ways to memorize the Quran word by word, Memorizing the Quran is one of the greatest acts of worship in order to draw close to Allah Almighty. There is no doubt that there are many ways to draw closer to Allah, including prayer, fasting, zakat, charity, and so on.   But memorizing the Quran word by word gives you happiness and relaxation, and removes grief, sadness, and anxiety from you, Learn Quran online with Tajweed as it is the best treatment for mental and physical illnesses, Allah willing.  

Ways to memorize the Quran word by word

Ways to memorize the Quran word by word
Ways to memorize the Quran word by word
It is better to perform ablution before sitting with the Quran, as this is part of the etiquette of those carrying the Quran. Because this is the word of the Lord of the wilderness.   Pray to Allah and the intention is pure to HIM, glory is to HIM, Learn Quran online with tajweed.  

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You must get acquainted with the virtues of the Quran, the importance of memorizing it, the value of those who memorize it, and the great reward that he will obtain. This undoubtedly inspires vigor and determination to recite and memorize it.   Before the memorization process, it is necessary to read the verses to be memorized several times.  

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Learn Quran online best free learning read lessons get offer start memorization class children conduct individuals level basic lesson Tarteel makes complete help global effective education ijaza anytime just join online on site rattilonline.com.   Listening to the talented sheiks who are many, such as Al-Hosari, Al-Minshawi, Abdul-Basit, and so on, Learn Quran online Because listening proves memorization more and helps you to improve your reading and keep away from mistakes, Learn Quran online Tajweed kids teacher classes.

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Learn Quran online Best Memorizing similarities and searching for creative ways to memorize the Noble Quran that pertain to similar verses, helps to avoid best-making mistakes during memorization, and also memorizing similarities increases the fixation of memorization in the mind.

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Arabic teacher skypes on site any language and any time interactive choose personalized eligibility international financial must comfortably give a chance platform Learn Quran online.   Paying attention to writing verses that are memorized, helps to lift the errors that exist, and there is no doubt that this has a very strong role in the memorization process, Learn Quran online at Tajweed kids adults teachers classes academy.   Take advantage of the free time to review and repeat the memorization, and in this way, you make all of your time full of the Quran and give the day a blessing, calm, and facilitate things, Learn Quran online at Tajweed kids adults teachers classes academy.

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