Types of Tajweed provisions, Tajweed in the language from the verb jawed meaning good; It is said: The thing is good, it’s good and made it good, and intonation in the terminology is the process of removing each letter of the alphabet from its original output while giving each letter its right and due.

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Types of Tajweed provisions
Types of Tajweed provisions

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Tajweed has many rulings, including:

Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween

The Static Noon

It is the one with no movement like who, about, and is at the end of the verb or noun


It is the extra noun that is attached to the last nouns with the pronunciation only, and it is not written but rather replaced by two similar vowels on the letter n, na, n. The consonant and tanween have four rulings:


That is, taking the letter out of its output without a song after the consonant nun and tanween, and its six letters are: al-hamza, al-ha, al-ain, gin, ha, and kha, for example: “who is safe” and “jurf har”.


It is the process of combining a consonant with another vowel; To become one accented letter, and its letters after the consonant noun and the tanween are six: yaa, raa, mim, lam, waw, and nun, for example: “who says” and “from adan”.


It is the heart of the nun, the consonant and the tawnun to the mim when pronouncing, and it has one letter, the baa, as the Almighty says: “All-hearing and seeing.”

Types of Tajweed provisions
Types of Tajweed provisions


It is intended to hide the letter when pronouncing it, that is, an attempt to make the letter with a voice between appearing and diphthing, while tightening the letter and preserving the song, and its letters are fifteen characters:

The saad, the thal, the tha, the jim, the shin, the qaf, the sin, the dal, the ta,

the zai, the fa, the t, the dhad, and the zaa.

The strict provisions of the nun and mem

The two are located anywhere in the word, a noun or a verb, in which the

song is required, which is the sound coming out of the gill, i.e. the nose, by

two movements and one movement is able to reach the finger, which is

equivalent to grasping the finger and then spreading it.

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