In the name of Allah the Merciful Thank Allah for the blessing of Islam This site contains many Islamic sciences, educational videos, Islamic books, Islamic articles, and important Islamic subjects https://www.allahsword.com/ * It contains these sections * Quran sections – Quran in 34 Languages https://www.allahsword.com/quran_translations.html – Islamic Books Quran https://www.allahsword.com/free_islamic_books_quran.html – More Quran Reciters https://www.allahsword.com/more_quran_reciters.html – Flash Quran Reader https://www.allahsword.com/flash_quran.html – Quran Explorer https://www.allahsword.com/quran_explorer.html * Articles sections – Who is Allah? https://www.allahsword.com/who_is_allah.html – Who is Muhammad (PBUH)? https://www.allahsword.com/who_is_muhammad.html – What is Islam https://www.allahsword.com/what_is_islam.html – Quranic Miracles https://www.allahsword.com/quranic_miracles.html – Women’s Rights https://www.allahsword.com/womens_rights.html – True Religion of God https://www.allahsword.com/true_religion_of_god.html – How To Convert To Islam https://www.allahsword.com/how_to_convert_to_islam.html – Ramadan Origin & Fasting https://www.allahsword.com/ramadan_origin_and_fasting.html – Learn How To Pray https://www.allahsword.com/learn_how_to_pray.html *Islamic Audio Lectures https://www.allahsword.com/islamic_audio_lectures.html – The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Makkan Period) – The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Medina Period) – The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Medina Part 2) – The Hereafter – The Lives of the Prophets – Abu Bakr al Siddiq: His Life and Times – Ummar Ibn Al Khattab – His Life and Times – The Maccan Minority – The Bearers Of Glad Tiding – Dreams and Dream Interpretations – The Dust will Never Settle Down – Battle of The Hearts and Minds – Allah Is Preparing Us For Victory – Understanding the Qur’an – Companions Of The Ditch And Lessons From The Life Of Musa – 25 Promises from Allah to the Believers – Stories From Hadith – Al-Hijrah – The Story Of The Bull – Quest For Truth – Salman al-Farisi

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