The 5 Pillars of Islam are the foundations of Islam and represent the core of Islamic practice. One who believes and practices upon these pillars is that the true Muslim.   In Islam, it’s important for each Muslim to find out The 5 Pillars of Islam. Through this text, we’ll get to understand the most five obligations of a Muslim in Islam.  

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The 5 Pillars of Islam
The 5 Pillars of Islam

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The 5 Pillars of Islam

1- Shahadah (The Declaration of Faith)

The Shahadah (The Declaration of Faith) is the first and most vital pillar of Islam. It’s the initial submission to Islam and administered by those that revert to Islam as a commitment and declaration of their faith.   The shahada may be a two-part statement that articulates the most beliefs of Islam.   The first part of Shahada states that there’s no god but Allah (SWT) which suggests that no other being has the proper to be worshiped which Allah almighty has neither partner nor son.   The second part of the Shahada witnesses that our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that the last prophet & messenger sent by Allah (SWT).  

2- Salah (Daily Prayer)

“Salah” or “Salat” is that the second pillar of Isalm and represents the backbone of Islam’s belief thanks to its importance and greatness.   In Islam, there are five obligatory daily prayers during which Muslims must perform in certain ways and times. the days for every prayer vary consistent with the calendar as they vary from sunrise to midnight. To perform Prayer correctly, Muslims should follow the tactic commanded by Allah within the Qur’an and therefore the prophet’s manners in performing.

3- Zakat (Almsgiving/Charity)

“Zakat” or Alms-giving is that the third pillar of Islam and it’s mandatory for every Muslim who is financially capable.   A financially capable Muslim must donate a percentage of his/her yearly income or fortune adequate to 2.5% per annum to the poor and needy.   The main idea of Zakat is that Allah (SWT) has intentionally created different levels of wealth for every individual to check humanity and generosity among Muslims.   Zakat generates a way of devotion and worship to Allah, sympathy with the poor, needy, destitute. It also purifies the hearts of both poor and rich, achieves social justice, and creates a cooperative, cohesive, productive society.  

4- Sawm (Fasting during Ramadan)

“Sawm” or Fasting is that the fourth pillar of Islam during which Muslims fast during the daylight within the holy month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.   Fasting during Ramadan involves discipline and abstaining from many things, like food, drink (including water), medication, any acts of evil, any sexual intercourse, backbiting, harming oneself or others, smoking, impure thoughts, etc.   Fasting may be special quiet worship that features a great unique reward from Allah (SWT). it’s tons of spiritual, moral, and physical benefits.

5- Hajj (The Pilgrimage)

The “Hajj” or Pilgrimage to the Holy Kabah in Mecca is that the fifth and last pillar of Islam.   Hajj occurs annually and performed within the holy month of Dhul Hajj, the last month within the Islamic calendar. Hajj rituals are performed from 8th Zul-Ḥijjah to 12th Zul-Ḥijjah in Makah the town of Saudi Arabia.  

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