Tajweed Quran provisions, the meaning of Tajweed is the language of improvement and mastery. As for the terminology, it is a science that searches for the correct pronunciation of the words of the Noble Qur’an and all that is related to that of endowment, beginning, joining and cutting, and what happens to letters in terms of conditions and bodies.

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Tajweed Quran provisions

Tajweed Quran provisions
Tajweed Quran provisions

Definition of oral concealment

And it is with the coming of the absolute Baa after the consonant meme, whether it is a meme of the origin of the word or a plural meme, and it was called by this name for the exit of the two letters that are hidden and hidden from it; Static meme and absolute B from the lips.

This judgment comes in two words: Valmim the consonant at the end of the word and the absolute Ba at the beginning of the next word, and here comes the concealment of the section bending the letter and covering itself in the sentence.

Ruling on oral concealment

The scholars differed regarding its ruling, so the majority went; Among them was Ibn Mujahid on the necessity of concealment while giving wealth, and some went; Among them is Makki bin Abi Talib, according to which the ruling here is to show that there is a disagreement between them whether or not.

So they included the coming of the absolute Baa after the static meme under the verbal presentation, but the lesson here is to say the audience must work in all the hurricanes and rains.

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Tajweed Quran provisions
Tajweed Quran provisions

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Definition of oral compulsion

And it is achieved by the advent of absolute meme after the still meme, with

an agreement that it is obligatory to combine with the song in this case. By

slurring two small parables; Because between the two letters of the same.

It comes in just two words; The consonant meme comes at the end of the

first word, and the second absolute meme comes at the beginning of the

next word.

Letters oral dysfunction

The m character is the only verbal slurry.

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