Tajweed provisions in the Quran, we can divide Tajweed into two aspects, the theory related to knowing, memorizing and understanding the rules of Tajweed rulings and that is an obligation of kifaya.

As for the other side, it is practical that focuses on applying the tajweed theoretical rules while reciting the Quran, and it is a duty for everyone who reads the Holy Quran.

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Tajweed provisions in the Quran
Tajweed provisions in the Quran

Tajweed provisions in the Quran

Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween

Here we will explain each of the manifestation, the compulsion, the concealment and the overturn, and we will start by showing:


Automatically the word Al-Dashur reminds us of the statement and clarity, and its letters are Hamza, Al-Hay, Al-Ain, H, Gin, and Kha-kha, knowing that these letters were collected in one verse, as each word is from it.

It begins with the letter “Show”, which is: My brother here is a note that he has not lost.

The presence of the noun consonants or the tanween followed by one of these letters means that we have to apply the ruling and pronounce the letter without changing it, not even Ghina.


The dip is related to the insertion, that is, as if we combine two letters so that they become one stressed letter like the second letter, and its letters are Ya, N, M, Waw, Lam, and R, and they are combined into the word (sandhon).

Depending on the song, dagham is divided into two parts: Al-Dagham Ghannah, in which the dagham appears in the amount of two movements and its letters are combined into the word (grow).

As for the other part, it is: slurring without affliction, which is slurring that is not accompanied by affliction, and distorting it with lam and ra.

It can be divided according to perfection and imperfection into two parts, namely: the complete diphthong, and its letters nun, mim, ra and lam, and it was combined in the word (sandal)

As for the other part, it is the imperfect dithering and its letters waw and yaa, and if one of these six letters falls (rammun) after the consonant nun or tanween, the consonant nun and tween must be combined in these letters, provided that they are in two words.


That is, Tajweed provisions in the Quran the transformation, which is the substitution of the consonant nun or the tanwen mima that is hidden with the ghannah at the letter Baa, and this means that its letter is the only baa.

Whereas, if the baa falls after the consonant noun or the tanween in a word or two, then the consonant nun or tanun is replaced by the letter m with simple concealment and singing by two movements.


As for the last ruling of the rulings of the consonant nun and tawnun, it is concealment, meaning the concealment, where the consonant noun or tanween is pronounced between the manifestation and the dithering, without accentuation, but with the amount of two movements.

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