Rulings of Tajweed for beginners, Tajweed is defined in language as making something good, and good reading: that is, it came with it free from bad pronunciation.

Giving the letters their rights, arranging their ranks, returning each letter to its output and origin, appending it to its counterpart, correcting its pronunciation, and softening its pronunciation in the case of its formulation and the perfection of its appearance, without extravagance, no arbitrariness, no excess, and no exaggeration.

Rulings of Tajweed for beginners

Al-Nun and Tanween

A number of matters are distinguished between No and Tanween, and several rulings relate to them, along with other letters of the Arabic language.

Rulings of Tajweed for beginners
Rulings of Tajweed for beginners

The difference between Anon and Tannin

The rulings of noon do not differ from the rulings of tanween when performing, except that there is a difference between them. The letter Noon is a fixed letter in the origin of the word, whether it is a noun, verb, or a letter, and it comes in the word medium and extreme, unlike the tanween, which is only an additive appendix to the word, fixed by a collapsed junction.

Moreover, it only comes to an extremist with names only, so it is not attached to a verb or a letter, and if it is said that the noun is one of the letters of the language; The tanween is a Ziyadah nun that is pronounced and not written, but rather in the form of two enclosures, two fractions, or two openings.

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Rulings of Tajweed for beginners
Rulings of Tajweed for beginners

The provisions of Noon and Tanween

The noon consonants and the tween take four rulings according to their encounter with the letters of the Arabic language.

Show rule:

It is the pronunciation of the letter without accentuation or ghannah, and it

occurs when the consonant nun or the tanween meet with one of the six

Tashfir letters, which are: ha, al-ayn, ha, kha, gin, and hamza.

Slurring rule:

It is inserting a letter by letter until they become a single accented letter,

and the letters dagham are: yaa, ra, mim, nun, waw, and lam.

Concealment rule:

It is the performance of the letters of concealment in a case between

showing and dithering, and the letters of concealment are fifteen

characters, which are: Al-Sad, Al-Thaal, Al-Thaa, Al-Kaf, Al-Jim, Al-Shein, Al-

Qaf, Al-Seen, Al-Dal, your Al-your, your Al-Zai you, your Al-Fa, your Al-Ta’a,

your Al-your your father your child.

Ruling on coup:

It is a substitution when pronouncing the letter, and its letter baa, which is

turned over when it meets the consonant nun or tanween, a hidden meme.

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