Quick ways to memorize the Holy Quran, memorizing the Holy Quran is neither difficult nor easy. Many Muslims seek to memorize the Quran because of the treasures it contains that help us cross to the straight path, and there is no doubt that there are those looking for the fastest way to memorize the Holy Quran. But it is better to be slow and not to hurry until you taste the sweetness of the Quran and enjoy every letter and obtain the grades with it, Allah willing, and be sure that the lesson is not in quantity.

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All your concern should be to memorize this great book and act according to its orders, prohibitions, and exhortations so that you may be happy in this world and the hereafter, and through this article, Learn Quran online with tajweed we will explain to you the ways and means to help you in the process of memorization.
Quick ways to memorize the Holy Quran
Quick ways to memorize the Holy Quran

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Quick ways to memorize the Holy Quran

First principle:

You must allocate time and energy, psychologists have explained a very important rule by which you can allocate time with a lot of time and energy:   “Energy is directly proportional to the amount of focus and attention,” and for example: if you tell someone that you must do a daily exercise because of diabetes; Because if you don’t, you will die, then that person will definitely set aside a certain amount of time for sports.

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This is one of the experiences of some people who say:

I was in a university in Egypt and I was going by bus and I found that the time I spent there were 45 minutes, so I took advantage of it to memorize, Learn Quran online kids teachers best adults academy classes Tajweed online Quran and while returning the same time I used it for revision, so I memorized the Quran within two years.

The second principle:

Being far from the people who discourage you and their negative words will make you frustrated, and therefore you must accompany those who take your hand to the Paradise of the Most Merciful and help you in memorization and elevate your motivation.

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Third principle:

Always remember that you are the only one responsible for the preservation process, and he is able, Allah willing, to achieve the goal, whatever the circumstances, so trust in the living, that does not die and take the causes and you will find supplies from Allah to help you to preserve and make it easy and easy.

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