Qaida Noorania for children Qaida Noorania is one of the sciences related to the Holy Quran, its learning and teaching.

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Qaida Noorania for children

  • Qaida Noorania for children Children can be taught to read at a very young age. A child can learn to read through Qaida Noorania when he is four years old.
  • By joining the Al-Qaida Al-Noorania program, which lasts for a whole year, after which he can master reading.
  • He reads the Noble Qur’an with the provisions of intonation.
  • He pronounces the letters from their correct exits.
  • Thus, he instilled in his mind the skill of sound reading, and thus possesses a distinguished linguistic wealth from his childhood.
Qaida Noorania for children
Qaida Noorania for children

Qaida Noorania

  • Make sure to exaggerate the Mufakham and thin the Muraqqaq, and the child must learn letter by letter, and not move to another letter before he masters the one before it.
  • The letters of the tafkeem are: (khass, pressure, qaz), and the rest of the letters are the letters of taqweem, and the letters lam and ra fall between taqweem and tafkeem and they have several cases.
  • Reading the rules of intonation without explanation, but the child learns by repeating his hearing of the sound.
  • Commitment to pronounce the letters (ha, ra, ta, ha, ya) with this spelling in the Quranic pronunciation.
  • It is not permissible to pronounce it (H, R, T, H, Y) even if it is permissible to do so without the Qur’anic pronunciation.
  • As they did not appear as broken letters in the Qur’an, and the pronunciation of Arabic letters is Qur’anic.

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