Methods of fixing memorizing the Quran are one of the most important matters that concern those who have completed memorizing the Great Book of Allah because we know that the Quran often escapes from a person.   Therefore, we must develop a solid plan to avoid forgetting it, and the Messenger of Allah urged us to say: “For one of you with misfortune, or miserable for one of them, to say I forgot the verse of Kate and Kate, but he has forgotten. Remember the Quran.  

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Methods of fixing memorizing the Quran
Methods of fixing memorizing the Quran
So, in these coming lines, we were keen to explain to you the specific ways and means, Allah willing, to confirm the Quran, and above all, trust and seek the help of Allah Almighty, Learn Quran online kids adults teachers classes best academy.  

Methods of fixing memorizing the Quran

There are many ways to confirm memorizing the Noble Quran that aid in fixing and consolidating the Quran, such as Al-Fatihah, and the most important of which is writing and reviewing the surahs that you want to memorize, Quran online Learn so you can take these steps that establish memorization, including:   You have to write all the surahs that you memorized before that, then review them, and all this contributes to facilitating memorization and anchoring it in the mind and you cannot forget it, Quran online Learn.  

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  Persistence on repetition is one of the most important methods that enable memorization in a very large way that cannot escape, Learn Quran online kids adults Tajweed teachers class best.   Attention to eating foods that include various vitamins and minerals so that you can remember the Holy Quran completely Quran online Learn, Allah willing, Learn Quran online kids Tajweed teachers classes best.  

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Quran online Teachers adults academy tutors female flexible certified need leading sessions to want Tafseer professional will provide easy native Quran take offers started online schedule find experience services Quran online Learn anywhere join online on site rattilonline.com.   You can also rely on the harsh method, and this method is unparalleled in facilitating the process of memorizing the Book of Allah, and through it, you can memorize the Quran in the least possible time and this is lost when relying on it greatly.

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