Learn Quran Online 2021, it is known with certainty that the Noble Quran is the miraculous word of God, revealed to the heart of the Messenger of God Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – to be a forerunner to the worlds. With a clear Arab tongue, singing about the rulings of recitation and the science of intonation of the Quran, that knowledge that the words of God were unique to those who did not, so God Almighty said in Surat Al-Israa, addressing His Prophet:

{And a Quran that we divided so that it can be recited to the people, to remain and we have sent it down, meaning “by sending in peace and slowing down” so that reading the Quran, knowledge, and action are all verified, so what is the science of intonation? What are its history, divisions, and essence?

Learn Quran Online 2021
Learn Quran Online 2021

Definition of Tajweed science

Refinement in the language of the verb is good, it is said: “The work has improved,” that is, perfected and done well, and it improves its production. offers started online schedule find experience services anywhere join online.

Al-Dani said: “Tajweed of the Quran is giving the letters their rights, their arrangement and ranks, returning the letter from the dictionary to its output and origin, appending it to its counterpart and its form, satisfying its pronunciation, and enabling its pronouncement in its formulas and form without extravagance or arbitrariness, nor excess or exaggeration, and not between intonation and leaving it. Except the sport of those who contemplated it by deciphering it. “Accordingly, the knowledge of the intonation of the Quran is defined as:

How to Learn Quran online Arabic teacher skypes on site any language and any time interactive choose personalized eligibility international financial must comfortable give a chance platform Learn Quran online kids adults teachers classes best academy, by giving each letter its due and necessary attributes from the judgments arising from the adjectives.

Learn Quran Online 2021
Learn Quran Online 2021

The theoretical scientific intonation

It is the second section of the science of Tajweed, and it is meant: “Knowing the scientific rulings of the science of Tajweed, and studying its principles and rules in a theoretical manner by specialized scholars.”

His ruling differs according to the learner, as he is a “delegate” in the right of the learner among the common people, and a “duty” in the right of the teacher who has come forward to teach Muslims to read and recite the Quran. Learn Quran Online Learn Tajweed Quran best free learning read lessons get offer start memorization class children to conduct individuals level basic lesson Tarteel makes complete help global effective education Ijazah online anytime just join online.

His learning, like all other sciences, is evidenced by the Almighty’s saying in Surat At-Tawbah: “There is no alienation from every group of them who would agree with him on a course in religion.” Providing understand study tutor register now online on site Rattilonline.com. If the teaching and learning of it were topped by a group of Muslims, they would fall apart from the rest.

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