Learn Quran Memorization Easy online   Learn Quran Memorization, Praise be to Allah who taught with the pen and taught man what he did not know, sent down to His Messenger the Quran to lead us out of darkness into the light, and to guide us to a straight path.   Just as a Muslim must not abandon the Quran, and be constantly reciting with deliberation and diligence, we must strive to memorize it, so every Muslim must memorize at least what his prayer is valid, which is Al-Fatiha and the amount of what is sufficient afterward.   As for memorizing the entire Noble Quran, it is an obligation the ummah unanimously. If some do it, sin will fall on the rest.   But it is desirable for every Muslim to strive to memorize the entire Quran, for memorizing it takes precedence over other sciences that must be learned.   It is also desirable to memorize the Quran for boys because it is the approach of the righteous ancestors with their children, and the evidence for that is what was reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them, that he said: «They asked me about the interpretation For I memorized the Quran when I was young.   Learn Quran Memorization Easy online   The first method: [The Five Forts] It is based on the basis of the noble Prophet’s Sunnah “Make a commitment to this Quran,” and it consists of:   The first fortress: divided into (continuous reading and systematic listening) Continuous reading: reading from the Mus-half in two parts daily, collectively or separately, in prayer or other than prayer, chanting, or chanting. Systematic listening: Listening to a party daily and listening to the reader while looking at the Quran.   The second fortress: preparation: Weekly: You read the pages you will read the following week, daily during the current week. Al-Layla: You listen (15d) and then read (15d) the page that you will save the next morning. Al-Qebili: Read (15 d) the page that you will save before beginning to memorize it “with concentration”.   The third fort: the new conservation Save the page for no less than (15 d), from one edition, with repetition, focus, loudness, recitation, and permanent recitation to others with sincerity and patience.   Fourth Fort: Near Review: Reviewing the last 30 saved pages daily, in the absence of the Quran, without recitation or investigation.   The Fifth Fort: Remote Review: Pages that precede the relative’s review, and are divided into 40 pages per day.   Method two: [iteration]  To mention this method, we represent one aspect of Surat Al-Jumah:   1- The first verse reads twenty times: (Praise be to God that which is in the heavens and that which is on the earth the Holy, Mighty, Wise King).   2- The second verse reads twenty times: “He is the one who sent among the illiterates a messenger from among them reciting his revelations to them, and providing them with their books and teaching them to them.   3- The third verse reads twenty times: {And other of them will not be attached to them, and he is the Mighty, the Wise}.   4- The fourteenth verse reads twenty times: {This is the grace of Allah HE gives to whom He wills, and Allah is the One with the greatest virtue}.   5- Read these four from beginning to end to link them twenty times.  
  1. read verse twenty-fifth time: {such as those who carried the Torah and then did not carry it like the donkey carrying books such as evil people who deny the revelations of Allah, and Allah does not guide the unjust people}.
  7 – The sixth verse reads twenty times: {Say, you who are guided, if you claim that you are loyal to Allah without men, then you shall have death.   8- The seventh verse reads twenty times: {And they never wish for what their hands gave, and Allah knows the wrongdoers}.   9- The eighteenth verse reads: Like “Say, the death from which you flee from, for it befits you, then you will be returned to the world of the unknown and the witness.”   10- You read from the fifth verse to the eighth verse: twenty times to connect them.   11- You read from the first verse to the eighth verse: Twenty times to master this aspect.   The third method: (the “five” method) It is to start repeating the verse to be memorized five times, then the second verse five times, then combine the first by the second by reciting them together five times, then repeat the third five times, then combine the first by the second by the third and repeat them five and so on. And what is between them closed the Quran and repeated those verses in private. The next day, before you start memorizing new verses, repeat what you memorized yesterday, and then repeat the same steps.   Fourth method: (slow reading method) It is that you slowdown in reading, give time to your eyes and focus on lines and verses, as if you were photographing the page, and this is what a lot of memorization used to do, such as Imam Al-Shafi, may Allah have mercy on HIM. He used to look at the page and read it, and when he memorized it, he deliberately did not look at something else so that he did not lose the image that he stored Memory by looking at the written, and covering the other page until the first is established.   Fifth method: (writing) It is that you write the part you want to memorize and then put it in a place close to you, and repeat it after that whenever your eyes fall on it, and this method is suitable for those who memorize a small amount on a daily basis.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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