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  Learn Quran for Kids Online, Children’s memorization of the Noble Quran is one of the most honorable jobs, and the order of tasks, and whoever performs this task is a person of great importance, and below we will show you how the child memorizes the Quran.  

How a child memorizes the Quran

The best way for a child to memorize the Holy Quran is to be at the hands of the parents, who are the closest to the child, because the child at the age of three, for example, has not fully straightened his tongue, meaning he is unable to utter the letters completely, and he cannot concentrate.   The role of parents here comes in his preservation and teaching him the short chapters without being restricted to time, but it must be memorized at the appropriate time for the child any time his activity so that the verse is repeated to him over and over again so that he can memorize and repeat it alone.  

Steps for memorizing the Holy Quran for children



What was kindness and softness in anything but adorned it, and on the contrary, what was taken away from something that did not want it. The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, told us that Allah, the Almighty, is a companion who loves kindness.  

Find a language of communication between you and the child

If you want to memorize the Quran child, you have to find a bridge of communication between you and the young children, so that they accept you, love you, and do whatever you command them to do, that is by encouraging the child who is reprimanded from them, and following the method of forgiveness, and pardoning the wrong child, if he does not repeat the mistake, love A junior for his teacher is the biggest motivation for him to get things done, and to do more.  

Memorizing short suras begins and a good voice recitation

Short surahs are one of the easy verses that a child can memorize, and it is easy for the teacher to teach them to young children, so that young children are not burdened and burdened with what they cannot bear or cannot bear, as well as encourage them whenever they memorize something new and behave well.  

Frequency of recurrence

Repetition of recitation by the child serves to confirm the verses in the child’s mind and to stabilize speech in the heart.  

Do some contests

In order to motivate the child to memorize, he must be rewarded for memorizing him, and that is after the implementation of some competitions, and giving a lot of prizes to children who are outstanding who have previously shown progress in memorization, this will benefit the child and those who follow him from among his peers.  

Children not bored and pressured to save

Lean is one of the most important steps in memorization, as we said in the past, so you have to give the child a space for fun, and permissible play to renew his activity and energy.  
Review what the child memorized on a particular day
Always make your child feel that the Noble Quran is a way of life, a blessing for the Muslim, and all good in memorizing him.  

Set a period for your child to finish memorizing the Book of Allah

  • Always have a recorded copy of the Quran with you that the child will always listen to in the house and in the car.
  • Always teach your children the supplication of Allah Almighty by facilitating memorization and completing it after the prayers.
  Accompany your child to visit some of the memories of the Quran, and show him their merits, and how they are the best of people.   If you are not going to memorize your child, you must entrust it to a Sheikh who is a master of the Quran.   The memorization of the child through intonation if he succeeds in mastering what he memorized.  
Important things to remember when memorizing the Quran for your child
  • Carrot, love instead of rebuke.
  • Facilitation, suspense.
  • Encouraging speech, motivating gift
  • Collective learning and fair competition
  • Care to teach the Quran.
  • Long breath, and incessant patience.
  Methods of memorizing the Holy Quran for children Quran for a child is a very important thing Because through it, the minds of children are opened and their knowledge of the Islamic religion, so their attachment to the Quran will clarify the straight path and the deviant path. Likewise, we have to explain to them that this great book is your companion in this world and the hereafter, wherein this world you find comfort, happiness, joy, and tranquility, and in the hereafter, he will intercede for you. Allah Almighty is willing.   So now we will learn together about some tips through which we know how to facilitate memorizing the Quran for children, as follows:
  • We have to motivate and encourage the child to learn the Quran by explaining the benefits of this great book and the blessings and goodness in it that will accrue to us in all the details of our lives.
  • We have to vary in the method we use. Each child has a specific style through which he comprehends memorization, so we are keen to understand the nature of the child in front of us and determine the appropriate method for him so that he does not tire in memorizing the Quran.
  • Interest in the child following up with a trusted elder So that he learns the intonation and correct pronunciation of the verses.
  • We search and learn how to make a schedule for memorizing the Quran, which makes it easier for you to follow the child in terms of revision and memorization, and also enables the child to follow himself through the schedule, as the day that finishes memorizing and reviewing puts a mark that encourages him to continue and so on. The table is a very important thing, both for adults and for the memorization process.
  • We have to use educational disks on the Internet through which the child can memorize easily, especially the Quran stories on YouTube that beautifully simplify the story for the child in a way that he understands it.
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