Know Some Mistakes About Tajweed

There are many mistakes in Tajweed which the reader may fall into when reciting the Qur’an, and they are divided into two types :
Mistakes :
Hidden Mistakes Obvious Mistakes
*Obvious Mistakes :
• Avoid obvious mistakes by everyone and to avoid them everyone must know the rules of Tajweed.
• If a person makes obvious mistakes, then this is considered sin and Ibn Taymiyyah considered this undesirable for a student of knowledge (ie, someone who knows tajweed) to pray behind the person who makes obvious mistakes in prayer.
• Very clear and can be felt
• Change the meaning of the words of the Qur’an
• Must be avoided at all costs
• These mistakes are haraam
4.Adding letter 3.Dropping 2.Changing
a letter a vowel
5.Changing letterObvious Mistakes 1.Changing mutaharik to sukoon
6.Adding or 7.Changing
Dropping Saken to Mutaharik
*Hidden Mistakes :
• The judgment of the hidden/unclear is the lighter and recitation of a person falling in this kind of a mistake is considered as incomplete.
• It is a mistake that although it does not change the meaning of the words of the Qur’an but decreases the beauty of the words
• Reading against different letters rules falls under this category.
• This mistake is “hated” and may be haraam if done purposely.
*Examples: – To ignore the rules of the letters of full/thick mouth and thin/empty mouth.
• Non-compliance with the rules of showing and drowning and hiding in their places while reciting Qur’an.
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