Chapter 3/ Allah is the giver of life
You can ask these questions about all things and try
to give an answer. This will show you that everything
has a beginning, and that everything also has an
end. But not so with Allah.
He has no beginning.
He has no end.
Allah is the Living One.
Allah is the Giver of life.
When you see the trees
and mountains, birds
and animals, fish
and oceans,
whom do you think of?
When you look at the sky,
and the stars, whom do
you think of ?
the sun, the moon
Allah created Adam.
Adam was different from animals
and plants in many ways.
Adam was a man.
He was the first man.
The animals and plants
cannot think the way we can.
They cannot talk.
But Adam could do these things.
Allah gave him the gift of
He gave him the gift of the
mind to think with.
Allah is the Giver of life.
Who made the whole world?
Allah made the beautiful earth.
He filled the earth with many beautiful things.
Chapter 3 /Allah is the Giver of Life
A. _complete the following sentence .
Allah is the Giver of………
B. . Answer the following questions.
1 . Write down three things you can do but plants cannot.
2. Who has given you these gifts?
Allah is the Giver of Life

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