Ammar’s father, Yaasir al-Ansee, came from Yemen to Makkah with his two brothers in search of a lost brother of theirs. His brothers al-Haarith and Maalik returned, while Yaasir settled in Makkah. He married Sumayyah bint Khubbaat. Sumayyah was a slave-girl of Banu Makhzum, so Ammar was born in bondage. But later he was set free by his master Abu Hudhayfah ibn al-Mugheerah. Ammar and his parents were among the early adherents of Islam. They were cruelly tortured because of their faith. They were exposed to a severe test, but they bore this test with great courage and patience. Sumayyah, the mother of Ammar, was the first martyr of Islam. Abu Jahl killed her with a spear in a very cruel way. Yaasir his father, also died because of torture, but Ammar survived. The Prophet () said to them once, “Be patient, family of Yasir; your meeting place will be in Paradise.” The pagans would expose Ammar to the searing sand of the hot desert, burn him with hot iron in various parts of his body and plunge him into water with his bleeding wounds until he fainted. They would punish him in this way many times so he would leave Islam, but he refused. Ammar ( migrated first to Abyssinia and later to Madinah. He took part in all the battles in the lifetime of the Prophet () and in those during the days of Abu Bakr and Omar. He was known for his courage. He also took part in building the Prophet’s Mosque. He fell in the battle of Siffeen in the year 37 A.H. On the day of the Battle of Siffeen, Ammar said, “Bring me a drink of milk.” When it was brought to him, he drank it and said, “The Prophet () said, ‘Your last drink in this world will be a drink of milk. ” He then went forward and fought until he was martyred. He was ninety-three years old at the time, and was buried at Siffeen. Exercises A. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. 1 . Sumayyah was the first in Islam. 2. Yaasir was martyred under 3. Ammar was martyred in the battle of B. Answer these questions. 1 . Who were Ammar’s parents? 2. How were Ammar’s parents tortured? Did they survive the torture? 3. What did the Prophet () say would be Ammar’s last drink? Was the Prophet’s prophecy fulfilled? Safiyyah was the daughter of Abd al-Muttalib. Abd al-Muttalib was the chief of his people and was a wise man who commanded authority. Safiyyah was the sister of Hamzah, Abu Lahab, Al-Abbas and Abu Talib. Her mother was Haalah bint Wahb, the sister of Amina bint Wahb, the mother of the Prophet (). She was from the clan of Banu Hashim and was the Prophet’s aunt. She belonged to the tribe of Quraysh. After the death of her first husband, she married al-Awwam ibn Khuwwaylid. Al-Awwam was the brother of Khadijah, the Prophet’s beloved wife. One of Safiyyah’s sons was az-Zubayr ibn al-Awwam. He was a companion of the Prophet () and a powerful warrior. Safiyyah was one of the early Muslims. She emigrated to Madinah and lived after the Prophet’s death, to the Caliphate of Omar ibn al-Khattab. She was seventy-three years old then. Exercises A. Answer the following questions. 1 . Who were Safiyyah’s parents? 2 . What was the relationship of Safiyyah’s parents with the Prophet ()? Ruqayyah bint Muhammad Ruqayyah was the oldest daughter of the Prophet () from his wife Khdijah. She had been married to Utbah ibn Abu Lahab ibn Abd al-Muttalib before Allah’s Messenger () began to receive the Qur’an. When the Prophet was sent on his divine mission and Allah revealed Surat al-Masad, “Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab Utbah’s father asked him to divorce Ruqayyah. So Utbah divorced her. She embraced Islam when her mother Khadijah did. Othman ibn Affan married her, and she immigrated to Abyssinia twice with him. On the first emigration, she miscarried the child she had from Othman . Later she bore him a son whom he named Abdullah. When the Prophet () emigrated to Madinah, she followed suit, after her husband Othman . Ruqayyah fell ill when the Prophet () was preparing for the Battle of Badr. So he left behind her husband Othman to look after her. She died in Ramadan, seventeen months after the Prophet’s emigration, while the Prophet () was at Badr. Zayd ibn Haarithah came from Badr with the good news of the victory. When he entered Madinah, the people were levelling the earth over her grave. Exercises A. Are these statements true or false? 1 . Ruqayyah was the daughter of A’ishah . 2. She immigrated twice to Madinah. 3. She died when the prophet () was at Badr. B. Answer these questions. 1 . Who was Ruqayyah married to first? Why did her first husband divorce her? 2. Where did Ruqayyah emigrate? 3. The good news of the victory of Badr clashed with a sad event. What was it?

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