HOW TO PREPARE FOR RAMADAN, less than a month separates us from the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran as we all know.

So, in this article, we will get to know how to prepare for the month of Ramadan.


1- Establish the intention from now on fasting, repentance and giving up sins, and start to set your obligations, so do not enter the new Ramadan unless you have repented of the sins of the year.

2- Fix your intention and announce the provisions of fasting and teach it to your family members.

3- Educate yourself and commit yourself to piety from now on.


4- Initiate the onion of your womb, and be very careful not to cut it.

5- Many of us spend hours in front of the TV and the Internet, so you should avoid that in this holy month.

6- Take the initiative to make up the fasts that you owe.

7- From now on, intensify your recitation of the Quran.

8- Ramadan is a month in which there are many prayers, such as taraweeh, qiyaam and naafil prayers, so that you can get used to the length of standing in it without fatigue or fatigue, so you can devote a longer time starting from Shaban.

9- Familiarize yourself with the supplication from now on and memorize the supplications until you repeat them in the month of Ramadan.

10- Be sure to go to the mosque now so that you will not find hardship in the month of Ramadan.

11- Get yourself used to fasting from now, so that you will not feel hardship with the month of Ramadan.

12- Get ready to feed the needy and breakfast the fasting people, so start from now on increasing the amount of food you prepare for lunch and distributing it to the poor.

13- Charity is given on a daily basis in Sha`ban, so that you will become accustomed to charity daily in Ramadan.

14- Stay away from staying up late and make sure to sleep early and wake up before dawn to pray.

15- Start organizing your time and prepare a schedule for your days from now for the month of Ramadan.

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