Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil al-ameen was-salatu was-salam ala khatamin nabiyeen wa ‘ala aalehe w sahbehe agma’een. dear Muslim brother and sister assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu we were commanded by our prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam to pray in the exact manner in which he prayed as he directed us to do in the hadith narrated by al-bukhari which means pray as you have seen me pray many muslims are unaware of the true description of the prayer of the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam this production was composed so you can hear and see for yourself the full and true description of the prophet’s prayer and then adhere to his practice to commence the prayer stand up after having fulfilled all its preconditions which are facing the direction of Kaabah known as Al Qibla covering parts of the body which are mandatory to cover known as olara being in the state of ritual purity being fully attentive in your heart and mind of the particular prayer which you intend to perform without uttering the intention you should pray behind an object as high as a hand span or directly behind the wall a pillar or any other similar object as this was the proven practice of the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam this object is known as Sutra to start the prayer you must say Allahu Akbar which means Allah is the greatest this phrase is known as takbir at alarum there is no other phrase which can replace this Dec Mira this tech Veera must be said while standing because the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said what means say the takbir while standing if you are unable to pray while standing due to illness for example then you should do your best to pray in any other position which is physically possible in any case however you must certainly say that Akira during this takbir I do not excessively extend the vowel which is the a in the middle of the word Allah the imam leading a congregational prayer shall raise his voice while saying this takbir a’ so those behind him can hear it if you are praying alone or behind an imam you need not say this tech PR loudly however you must move your tongue with the phrase as authentically reported raise your hands while saying the initial takbir oh it has been authentically reported in the Sunnah that you may raise your hands just before during or just after saying this takbir while raising your hands keep them spread open without cupping your fingers shall not be closed tight nor widely spread apart your fingers shall reach the level of your shoulders this is one of the two authentic forms of raising one’s hands the other is for the fingers to reach the earlobes you may choose either of these two forms raising the hands apply to both men and women if you are unable to raise one of your hands due to a certain ailment you should still raise the other one in order to apply as much of the Sunnah as possible where should you place your hands after this tequila you should place them on your chest with the right hand over the left one there are two forms of putting the right hand over the left one the first is to place the right hand flat over the left hand wrist and arm the second is to grab the left hand with the right hand if you alternate between these two forms your practice would then perfectly concur with the sunnah of the prophet alayhi salat wa salam place your hands on your chest and not on your navel nor below it nor above the chest some scholars state that you should place them your breasts it is not permitted to place the hands on the waist your in prayer which contradicts appropriate submissiveness to Allah you shall always gaze at the floor in humility during prayer lowering your head and looking to the place of your prostration except when you are reciting at the should in which case you should keep your gaze at your index finger while moving it this will be further explained in the presentation dear Muslim placing your hands on the chest and lowering your head while looking at the place of prostration reflects submissiveness before Allah the Almighty it is also a reflection of good manners before one’s lord you must keenly maintain this during your prayer and remember that Allah turns his face towards the face of his slave during the prayer for as long as he does not gaze away you must struggle to keep Shia pond from distracting you during prayer if the whispers of Shaitaan become too powerful it is permitted for you to seek refuge in Allah and likely spit three times to your left without emitting any spittle immediately after this declara initiate your prayer by reciting one of the great opening supplications known as Daraa least if there the companions of the prophet alayhi salatu was-salam asked them about what he says when he briefly pauses in silence after the initial attack Veera so he taught them the opening supplications of the prayer there are various supplications you can say at the start of the prayer it is best to alternate between them in different prayers among the known opening supplications is saying sobhanaka allahumma wa behamdeka wa tabaraka asmok wa t’ala jaduk wa laa elaaha ghayruk which means glory and pray is due to you oh Allah blessed is your name lofty is your greatness and there is no deity worthy of worship except you another opening supplication is allahumma ba’id bayne w bayna ktayay kama ba’adta bayna almashreqe wa almaghrib allahumma naqini mn khatayay kma yonaqa althawbo alabyado men aldanath allahumma eghselny men khatayay belmaa’ wa althalge wa albarad which means oh Allah distance me from my sins as you have distanced the east from the West oh Allah cleanse me from my sins as a white garment is cleansed from filth oh Allah wash my sins away with water snow and hail there are other opening supplications which were reported to have been said by the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam especially during the optional night prayers they emulate for more information about these supplications and other details you can refer to books written by scholars a good example of such books is the one written by the great scholar al albani rahimahullah which is titled the prophet’s prayer described from beginning to end as though you see it you   Video’s Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SutaW6RUknQ&list=PLe1IRo5K71WLugBldioehdPo61h0kXo7I&index=2

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