How to learn Tajweed Quran, Tajweed defines language as making something good, and reading goodness: that is, it came with it free from poor pronunciation.

How to learn Tajweed Quran

The theoretical side:

The theoretical aspect of the science of Tajweed relates to the rulings and rules that scholars have put in place in books that teach rulings on Tajweed. As sections of the stretcher and their times.

As well as the rulings of letters in terms of showing, dithering, overturning, concealment, and other rulings and rules that have been explained, and talk about them has been simplified in the books of intonation science.

How to learn Tajweed Quran
How to learn Tajweed Quran

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The practical side:

It is called the applied aspect, and this aspect cannot be controlled by the learner, nor can he master it except by taking the rulings of intonation and sharing it with a reader who is known for his mastery of the rulings of reciting the Holy Quran in knowledge and application Such as the rulings of the rum, the imam, the song, the facilitation, the oral concealment, and the practical side that protects the learner from melody and recitation in reading.

Rulings on seeking refuge and basmalah:

Seeking refuge is a mustahabb Sunnah, and it is required when reciting the

Book of Allah – the Almighty – even though it is not from it, and some of

them have argued that it is obligatory, especially at the beginning of the

recitation, whether the beginning of the recitation is from the beginning of

the surah or from the end.

Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween:

The noun means the consonant or tanun in the case of raising, accusative,

and ablative.

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