How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly Way, the Holy Prophet told us that reading the Quran has four benefits, as it brings peace and mercy.

The angels protect its readers, and God reminds them of the one who has it, and every letter he recites is rewarded with ten good deeds, and whoever recites it is counted among the people of the Quran who are the people of God and his own, and on the Day of Resurrection the Quran comes as an intercessor for his family and whoever recites it.

How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly

The Noble Quran is a light to guide the Muslim to the straight path, and to follow him.

In this article, I will review the most successful way to memorize and learn the Quran, and this is a method based on continuing diligence every day.

This is a method for those who want to learn it and cannot relate to a sheikh, and he becomes a student, because this is a method for learning the Quran without a teacher.

How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly
How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly

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Tips for learning the Quran

Waking up early after Fajr prayer as much as possible.

Start with the depth and shortness of the fence.

Learn a sentence every day from the rules of Tajweed from our website.

When you finish the book of rulings of Tajweed open the Quran (letters not colored) and read any verse and try to extract the rulings in it, write on an adjacent book.

Use the Quran in colored letters and review the ruling for each day.

Always read aloud to strengthen your voice and control the correct pronunciation of the letters, so reading the Quran is obligatory with the intonation.

Reward yourself whenever you transcend one of the rulings of intonation, and the better your pronunciation of letters.

Read in front of your friends and learn from their advice.

Beautify your voice, as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Adorn the Quran with your voices).

Record your readings and listen to them to evaluate yourself.

You know that some Quran verses are verbally similar, this will make it easier for you to recite.

How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly
How to learn Tajweed Quran correctly

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