How to interpret the Holy Qur’an interpretation on four fronts; An aspect that the Arabs know from her words, an interpretation that no one is excused for being ignorant, and interpretation known to scholars, and an interpretation known only to God.

The aspect that no one can be excused for his ignorance is to know what is in it of clear rulings, clear and effective exhortations, strong clear arguments, and the overall meanings indicated by the verses.

 Then contemplate how you find Him praising Himself, glorifying Himself, praising Himself, advising His servants, showing them what is in their happiness and prosperity, wishing them for it, warning them of what constitutes their destruction, and acquainting them with His names and attributes.

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He endears them to His blessings and favors, reminds them of His blessings upon them, orders them to do what they deserve to be fully fulfilled, warns them against His vengeance, reminds them of what He has prepared for them of dignity if they obey Him, and what He has prepared for them of punishment if they disobey Him, and other clear and obvious matters.

How to interpret the Holy Quran
How to interpret the Holy Quran

The difference in understanding and interpretation

There may be a difference in understanding the verse, and you will find a number of sayings in the books of interpretation, so you do not know which meanings are meant, so you think that you did not understand the meaning of the verse, and to remove this confusion we must clarify two important things:

The first matter: the general understanding of the verse does not harm the difference in some details.

How to interpret the Holy Qur’an

That is, you may understand the verse in the sentence, but you do not understand the meaning of this word, or you do not know which of the meanings is more correct, this is no problem with it, and the general meaning is sufficient for you, especially if knowing the specific meaning does not result in much benefit.

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