How do I memorize the Quran in two months, Allah sent down the Noble Quran to our Noble Messenger Muhammad “may Allah bless him and grant him peace,” and the Noble Quran is the first and last book for Muslims.

The Messenger also called on his companions to memorize the Quran because the Quran is the way of guiding people, and the Quran explains all the details of life and religious matters.

How do I memorize the Quran in two months
How do I memorize the Quran in two months

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How do I memorize the Quran in two months

You want to memorize the Noble Quran in two months, that is, approximately 60 days. Remember that the Noble Quran contains 30 parts, meaning that you must memorize half a part per day and night, as the part is 20 pages, as the final total is 10 pages per day.

The best and best times to memorize the Noble Quran are the times of Fajr, so try to give it the largest share, as the mind has taken enough rest and sleep, perform ablution and pray Fajr, and then remember Allah, and pray to help you, and save approximately 5 pages during this period That is, from 4 am to 9 am, which is sufficient time to save 5 pages at most.

After the noon prayer, you have some work, so you will not be able to save more than one page, and after the prayer you have enough time for you to save at least two pages, so the total becomes 8 pages.

How do I memorize the Quran in two months
How do I memorize the Quran in two months

It remains for you to memorize two pages after the sunset prayer, and to

review the ten pages before you sleep, after the evening prayer. In this way,

you will be able to memorize the Noble Quran in two months, and if you

find it difficult or not enough time, you can reduce the quantity to

memorize it in four months, that is, you memorize one page after each

prayer, and we ask Allah to grant us and you success.

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