Easy ways to memorize the Quran online, a study was made and the study found a positive relationship between the high amount of memorization and the high level of mental health in the two study samples.   And that students who surpassed their peers in the amount of memorization were higher than them in the level of mental health, with clear differences.  

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Easy ways to memorize the Quran online
Easy ways to memorize the Quran online

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Studies conducted in Saudi Arabia have also reached a conclusion that confirms the role of the Noble Qur’an in developing basic skills among elementary school students, Learn Quran online, and the positive effect of memorizing the Noble Quran on the academic achievement of university students.  

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The study showed a clear picture of the relationship between religiosity and its various manifestations, the most important of which is memorizing the Holy Quran, and its effects on the mental health of individuals and their personalities.   Their enjoyment of a high level of mental health, and their remoteness from the manifestations of psychological imbalance in comparison with individuals who do not adhere to the teachings of a religion or do not memorize anything of the verses The Holy Quran or their memorization of a small number of verses and short surahs.
Easy ways to memorize the Quran online
Easy ways to memorize the Quran online

How to Learn Quran online

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The study recommended paying attention to preserving the entire Holy Quran among men and women in higher education institutions for the positive effect of this preservation on many aspects of their lives and their educational attainment, and compliance with its orders and prohibitions, Online Quran academy because it is one of the most important reasons for reaching a high level of mental health.  

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Learn Quran online with tajweed It also recommended that teachers should pay attention to raising the amount of memorization among their students, even if it is outside the framework of the curriculum so that it is additional because of its positive impact on their achievement and mental health.

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