Dajjal Hadith

Allah has made the World as a test for both Humankind and Jinn. He set a straight path to reach Him, whoever wants to walk on it will survive, and those who deviate from it will perish. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us about the signs of the end of time and one of these signs is the Antichrist.   We are here to talk about Dajjal and Dajjal Hadith. Dajjal Hadith will explain everything about Dajjal, his name, form, and attributes. This Dajjal Hadith will be discussed after knowing more about Dajjal’s meaning.

Who is Dajjal?

To know the identity of the Antichrist we have to reflect a little on the meaning of the word “Dajjal”. “Dajal” is an Arabic word that denotes lying, and “Dajjal” indicates frequent lying. This meaning will help us when we learn Dajjal Hadith.   “Dajjal” is a person who comes out at the end of time, and his exit is considered the greatest tribulation of the last time that comes on earth. His exit is one of the most important signs of the great resurrection. All of our Prophets and Messengers have warned us of the evil sedition of the Antichrist. Allah Almighty will give him supernatural abilities to increase his strength and charm.

At this time people will be divided into 3 divisions:

1. Some of them will strongly endorse him. 2. Some of them will believe in him for fear of him. 3. The last group will not believe in him.   There are many Hadiths that talk about Dajjal and explain the place of his exit. We will learn Dajjal Hadith and know what we should know about him. Now it is time to talk about Dajjal Hadith  

Dajjal Hadith:


عن عبد االله بن عمر رضي االله عنهما قال : قال رسول االله صلى االله علیه وسلم : “

يْنَما أنا نائِمٌ رأيتُنِي أطُوفُ بالكعبةِ ، فإذا رَجلٌ آدَمٌ سَبْطُ الشَّعْرِ ، بيْنَ رجُليْنِ يَنطُفُ رأسُهُ ماءً ، فقُلتُ : مَنْ هذا ؟ قالُوا : هذا ابنُ مَرْيَمَ ، ثمَّ ذهبتُ ألْتَفِتُ ، فإذا رجُلٌ أحمَرٌ جَسيمٌ ، جَعْدُ الرأسِ ، أعْورُ العيْنِ ، كأنَّ عيْنَهُ عِنبةٌ طافِيةٌ ، قُلتُ : مَنْ هذا ؟ قالُوا : الدَّجالُ ، أقْربُ الناسِ بهِ شبَهًا ابنُ قطَنٍ

The translation of the Hadith is:

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “When I was sleeping I saw that I was walking around the Kaaba, there was a Black man with straight hair, and he was standing between two men, I asked: who is this? They said: he is the son of Mariam. Then I turned and found a huge Redman with curly hair, and with one left eye that resembles a rotten Blueberry, I asked: who is this? They answered: he is the Antichrist, and he is very similar to Ibn Catan.”  

Simple explanation of the Hadith:

This is an example of Dajjal Hadith that shows the characteristics of the Antichrist. As we know Dajjal is one of the great signs of the day of resurrection. When he comes to the land, he will proclaim to be Jesus, then he will proclaim to be Allah. At this period of time, there will be starvation for 3 years, and the Earth will suffer from drought. When all of this happens, he will appear and delude people that he will solve their problems. Then he will ask the sky to rain, and it will. will ask the earth to bring out plants, and it will. He will feed the hungry, and help the poor.   There is another Dajjal Hadith that explains its place of exit, which is Khurasan. The Antichrist will travel to many places within a short time, and form an army to defend him. This army will fight people who don’t believe in him, and he will throw them in the fire. This Dajjal will travel everywhere except for Mecca, and Madinah. After all of this corruption on Earth, Allah will send Jesus from Heaven, then Dajjal will run away but Christ finally will kill him. We must ask Allah to protect us from the affliction of the Antichrist. See More : What is Hadith Bukhari or Sahih Bukhari?

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