Courses teaching Quran Tajweed, the courses that we will present in today’s article are considered one of the richest courses on the internet in simplifying the rules of the science of Tajweed; Where the team chose our site to provide a simple explanation of his book called “Tajweed Al Saghir”.

Courses teaching Quran Tajweed

Course of teaching the provisions of Tajweed for beginners

This course contains the basics of Tajweed science that make beginners able to stand on solid ground, then explain the common mistakes that many make. So that the learner is wary of falling into it, and then moving on to explain seeking refuge and Basmalah.

Courses teaching Quran recitation
Courses teaching Quran Tajweed

Then, we move on to explain the consonants of the rulings of the meme, explain its letters, and then mention Quranic verses for their application. In addition, the doctor explained the rulings of the consonant Noon and Tanween and explained each of its rulings in detail, then mentioned Qur’anic examples that indicate the application of each rule.

In addition, he explained the rule of the mim and the strict noon, and so, the sheikh continued to explain the cycle until he reached the explanation of the tide and showed the separate, continuous, and necessary tide, and the occasional tide of stillness, then he explained to the learner how he could estimate the tidal movements.

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Course on the course of teaching Tajweed

This course contains Quranic verses to apply to anxiety. Then he proceeded to explain the strict rulings of noon and mim, then the consonant rulings of noon and mim are discussed in detail.

Qur’an is a holy book of Muslims close-up.

Where he explained each rule, explained the exits of its letters, then mentioned the Qur’an verses to be applied to each of the rulings of the consonant and tanween.

Then, the sheikh moved to talk about the letters of takfhim, then he

mentioned its ranks, and he continued to explain until he reached the rule

of a thousand medias in terms of glorification and delinquency. Then he

talked about cases that must be exaggerated, and cases that are permissible.

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Thus, the sheik went on to explain and simplify the rules of this science;

Until he concluded the course with an explanation of the stretch, and the

explanation was detailed in the natural extension and the extension of the


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