An easy way to memorize the Quran for children, childhood is one of the most important stages that a person passes through, as the remaining stages are built upon them and the child tends to play, move, discover things around him as well as not adhere to what adults impose.

In it, values ​​and morals are inculcated and the personality of the person is formed. What indicates its importance is the interest of scholars in this stage by allocating books and references related to it.

An easy way to memorize the Quran for children

Parents resort to teaching their children many things, the most important of which is memorizing the Quran. There are many ways, means, and methods, the best of which is to make the child love the Quran so that he has enough desire to memorize it, and here we address the mothers.

An easy way to memorize the Quran for children
An easy way to memorize the Quran for children

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You can memorize the Quran for your child by following a set of methods and steps that we start from the time the child is a fetus, so you know what is known that the fetus is affected by the mother’s physical, psychological and spiritual condition. If you persist in listening to the Quran during your pregnancy, this will reflect positively on yourself and consequently on your fetus.

By moving to the period of breastfeeding, scientifically the infant can retain the vocabulary he hears during this period, and he can even retrieve it later. This blessing can be used by hearing the Quran for the infant so that the vocabulary stored in him is words and phrases from the Holy Quran.

Children tend to imitate as an instinct, so make him imitate you in good matters, so how about if you read the Quran in front of him, apart from the instinct of imitation, there is also the instinct of ownership.

So give him a copy of his own, just as children naturally love when they succeed in a certain matter, to make that day a celebration even if it is simple, for example a simple celebration can be made when he finishes sealing a certain part of the Holy Quran.

An easy way to memorize the Quran for children
An easy way to memorize the Quran for children

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The Noble Quran narrates some of its events in an anecdotal way, so tell it some of it in a smooth manner commensurate with his abilities and perception, and make sure to use simple and easy vocabulary that matches his comprehension ability.

Prepare competitions that include reciting short Quran pictures or where it is located and where this word is located, for example, and in which surah you mentioned, and reward him with a state of good memorization as a kind of encouragement. Record his voice while reading the Quran, recite it and encourage him to read it on school radio.

Encourage him to attend learning circles and religious lessons in the mosque, and many, many methods, but the most important thing is to choose the right place to do it all.

It is not preferable, for example, that you memorize the Quran in a place full of games and pictures, and also choosing the time is important, for example it is not preferred when the child wakes up from sleep, when they need to sleep or when they need to play.

You also have to be flexible in dealing, for example, if he makes a mistake, give him an opportunity to repeat and correct him, stop memorizing him, or even reading when you feel that he is bored.

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