How to learn Quran fast The Quran is the religious text for all times. First of all, if you need to learn the Quran, you need to learn Tajweed, and here we will talk about how to learn Quran fast. Everything and every rule must be learned, to start your steps of how to learn the Quran fast. You have to know that, learning the Quran fast doesn’t mean to spend less time learning it, but to give it more time and also more effort. By the time, you will believe that it really deserves it and deserves more than it took. Let me tell you that, reading the Quran so fast (with incorrect meaning or ambiguous words) isn’t preferred. While reciting with a calm way helps your ear to listen, your heart to contemplate, and your body to calm, these are aims of reading or learning the Quran.

Ways to help you how to learn Quran fast:

● Use a similar copy of the holy Quran: It is very important for you to learn the Quran from the same copy in order not to forget. The main reason here is that the places of “Ayah” will be different in different copies of mishaps. ● Use modern technologies: Modern technologies such as online courses and many other ways of modern technologies are used to help you to learn the Quran fast. ● Repetition: We can say that repetition is the best way to help you how to learn Quran fast. The more repeated, the less forgotten. This way is very effective, and yields good results, especially for children. You have to repeat ayats as much as possible. ● Recite the Quran in front of others: If we ask ‘How to learn Quran fast” we must make sure that reciting the Holy Quran in front of others is very important. As human nature, making mistakes individually is more than making them in the presence of other people. So we give reciting the Quran the upper hand for less, or no mistakes. ● Rising up in the early morning: After praying Fajr in the mosque, try to learn the Quran while your mind is still fresh. Minutes in the early morning is more preferred than late hours.

Easy way to learn to read the Quran:

To make it easy, we can say that, we should learn the language of the Quran in a simple and easy way. So one should start with “Noorani Qaida” that helps you to learn Arabic letters, joining these letters together helps you to make words. Noorani Qaida helps you to read the Quran fluently, and once you have learned reading the Quran, You have to try listening to it to improve the accent of words.
Learning the Arabic language of the Quran:
While the Quran has been translated to many languages other than Arabic, the whole meaning is only present in its native language. And this is the main target of learning Arabic. So, learning Tajweed, studying basic Arabic grammar, and translating between Arabic to English (if you’re native language is English) is useful. Join academies that care for learning and teaching Arabic. See More : LearnQuran for kids

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